Sunday Worship Service

10.00a to 11.30a

◦  10.00a: Worship music

◦  10.30a: Video, announcements & break

◦  10.45a: Message by Pastor Reinaldo A. Z. García

◦  11.25a: Closing music, prayer, benediction & dismissal

◦  11.30a: Prayer w/Prayer Partner (front of Sanctuary) & fellowship


This Coming Sunday’s Message

October 11, 2015

The Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God,
According to Mark

Mark 6.30-44 — Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand

Pastor Reinaldo A. Z. García

41 And taking the five loaves and the two fish he looked up to heaven and said a blessing and broke the loaves and gave them to the disciples to set before the people. And he divided the two fish among them all. 42 And they all ate and were satisfied.

Mark 6.41-42

We have no right, indeed, to expect that Christ will always follow this method of supplying the hungry and thirsty with food; but it is certain that he will never permit his own people to want the necessaries of life, but will stretch out his hand from heaven, whenever he shall see it to be necessary to relieve their necessities. Those who wish to have Christ for their provider, must first learn not to long for refined luxuries, but to be satisfied with barley-bread.

John Calvin

Calendar of Events

10/06: Men’s Bible Fellowship, Fellowship Hall, 6.00a - 7.00a

10/06: Senior Coffee, 10.00a, Ghoslins' residence

10/06: Prayer Meeting, 7.15p - 8.15p, AuBuchon's residence

10/07: Women’s Bible Study, Fellowship Hall, 9.30a - 11.45a

10/07: Rio West UniversityBecoming a Contagious Christian, 7.00p, Annex 

10/08: Women’s Bible Study,  Neitzey’s residence, 6.30a - 7.30a

10/08: Mens Bible Fellowship, 6.00p - 7.00p, Annex

10/08: Women’s Bible Study, Shaffer’s residence, 6.30p - 8.30p

10/17: Financial Freedom & Faith Seminar, 8.30a - 2.30p, Annex, (lunch provided, sponsored by Pastor Don Schlichte)


Recent & Upcoming Sunday Messages

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09/06: 1 Corinthians 13.13  The Hidden Truth About Faith.  2nd Lt. Lance Brown (Mel & Debbie’s son; Debbie’s brother) (for audio and text of this message please select  "Resources" and then "Audio Messages")

09/13: The Godhead, Three in One — The Incommunicable Attributes of God.  Mark Dunn (ibid)

09/20: The Godhead, Three in One — Part I: The Communicable Attributes of God.  Mark Dunn (ibid)

09/27: The Godhead, Three in One — Part II: The Communicable Attributes of God.  Mark Dunn (ibid)

October Messages

10/04: Mark 6.14-29 — The Death—and Life—of John the Baptist.  Pastor Reinaldo A. Z. García (ibid)

10/11: Mark 6.30-44 — Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand.  Pastor Reinaldo A. Z. García

10/18: Mark 6.45-56 — Jesus Walks on the Water.  Jonathan AuBuchon

10/25: Pastors, Elders & Deacons — The offices of the local church.  Pastor Reinaldo A. Z. García

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