Sunday Worship Service

10.00a to 11.30a

◦  10.00a: Worship music

◦  10.30a: Video, announcements & break

◦  10.45a: Mesage by Mark Dunn

◦  11.25a: Closing music, prayer, benediction & dismissal

◦  11.30a to 11.40a: Prayer w/Prayer Partner & fellowship


This Coming Sundays Message

August 9, 2015

Off Stage – Worship when the Music Fades
Part I —The Substance of Our Worship.
Mark Dunn

You shall tear down their altars and dash in pieces their pillars and burn their

Asherim with fire. You shall chop down the carved images of their gods and destroy their name out of that place. You shall not worship the Lord your God in that way.  

Deuteronomy 12.3-4

Next Sunday, if the Sprit stopped empowering your worship, would anyone notice?

Bob Kauflin

Calendar of Events

08/04: Mens Bible Fellowship, Fellowship Hall, 6.00a - 7.00a

08/04: Senior potluck/cookout, Ghoslins’, 5.30p+

08/04: Prayer Meeting, AuBuchons, 7.15p - 8.15p

08/06: Mens Bible Fellowship, Annex, 7.00p - 8.00p

08/09: Baptism (after services)

08/14: Isotopes game, 7.05p+ (tickets available, call Diana @ 771.0284)

08/23: Pot luck (after services)

09/18-20: Women’s Annual Fall Retreat, Glorieta


Recent & Upcoming Sunday Messages

June Messages

06/07: Part III of The Necessity of HumilityA three-week journey examining this essential aspect of walking as Christ did.  Mark Dunn (for audio and text of this message please select  "Resources" and then "Audio Messages")

06/14: VBS SundayEverest!!! Conquering Challenges with God's Mighty Power.  Chris Clifford

06/21: FathersDayA Tale of Four Fathers: Abraham, Joseph, Stanley and “Our Father which art in heaven” (told by four fathers).  Stan Haynes, Wes Daniels, Jonathan AuBuchon & Phillip Gamache (ibid)

06/28: Body, Soul & Spirit, Part I—What does Scripture teach about the body, soul & spirit? Are the spirit and the soul different? If so, how so?  And why should any of this matter to me?  Pastor Reinaldo A. Z. García (ibid)

July Messages

07/05: Body, Soul & Spirit, Part II—What else does Scripture teach about the body, soul & spirit? What is the root cause of sin and temptations which constantly plague me? Could my problem be an identity disorder?  Pastor Reinaldo A. Z. García (ibid)

07/12: Rio West in a Post-Christian America—How should the Church in America conduct itself when its influence is waning?  Pastor Reinaldo A. Z. García (ibid)

07/19: Sermon on the Mount, Part I—The story & lesson of Jesus’ message in Matthew 5 - 7.   Jonathan AuBuchon (ibid)

07/26: Sermon on the Mount, Part II—The story & lesson of Jesus’ message in Matthew 5 - 7.  Jonathan AuBuchon (ibid)

August Messages

08/02: Off Stage – Worship when the Music Fades, Part I The Audience of Our Worship.  Mark Dunn, et al. (ibid)

08/09: Off Stage – Worship when the Music Fades, Part IIThe Substance of Our Worship.  Mark Dunn, et al.

08/16: Worship, Part IIIThe Gospel in Gospel Music: How worship music has focused our attention & affections on the Father, Son & Holy Spirit over the past 2,000 years by way of good music and lyrics which proclaim the gospel and teach the basic doctrines of the Christian faith.  Pastor Reinaldo A. Z. García, et al.

08/23: Love—A necessary ingredient for the Christian life.  Ben Yazzie

08/30: Outreach (details TBD).  Mark Dunn

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