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September 21, 2014

The Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, According to Mark

Mark 4.21-34. Three More Parables: “A Lamp Under a Basket,” “The Seed Growing,” and “The Mustard Seed” – The kingdom of God described in parables, by Pastor Reinaldo García

30And he said, “With what can we compare the kingdom of God, or what parable shall we use for it?” (Mark 4.30)

The function of allegory is not to hide but to reveal, and it is properly used only for that which cannot be said, or so well said, in literal speech.” (C.S. Lewis)

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September Messages

9/7: “Building Your Life Three Stories High: Dialoguing with God,” by Pastor David Megill (Listen to this message; select the Resources tab then select Audio Messages)

9/14: Mark 4.1-20 - The Parable of the Sower, by by Pastor Reinaldo García (ibid)

9/21: Mark 4.21-34  “Three More Parables: ‘A Lamp Under a Basket,’ The Seed Growing,’ and ‘The Mustard Seed’,” by Pastor Reinaldo García

9/28: Mark 4.35-41 – “Jesus Calms a Storm,” by Pastor Reinaldo García

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